From the Beginning

The story of our poly family doesnt make an awful lot of sense if you drop into it halfway through so for those that are really interested, here is our story from the beginning. [There’s probably a nifty little widget for this but I cant find it.]


December 2010

Do you want to know who we are? This is E, and this is J and last but not least this is K (and L).

The weather meant that L was granted a week of snow days so we took advantage and K & L travelled to Scotland for our first weekend with E & J.

After a hectic week for all, us girls spent the weekend in London leaving J at the caravan to entertain himself. The posts this week centred around the L word or not in J’s case, whereas down south E marvelled at school plays, the snow and taking thing to the next level and K on childlike glee and clicking.

J & K collected L from her dad and we spent the week before Christmas in relative bliss, then K decided she wasnt going back south for Christmas, she wanted to spend it with E &  J instead.

K is vaguely obsessed with wordle (she plans to do a wordle of her dissertation and have it hanging up somewhere in the house, but its a secret so sssshhhhh :) ) and though the key themes from across the site on a month by month basis might be interesting. Here is December’s.

K, snowed in at the caravan with her thoughts and a closed pub, struggled with the concept of time, both having too much and not enough.


January 2011

E’s piece this week revolved around her poly family, how its changing and growing and evolving from her perspective. J wrote about A, about love and what seems likes an endless game of rock paper scissors. K reflected on her past year, what changed, the lessons she learnt (or not) and looked forward to the changes in the future.

E’s health deteriorated somewhat so she’s taking a little break from blogging while she concentrates on her health. Obviously things are a little downbeat while we worry about the implications for her, her health and what changes need to be made to improve things for her and us. J’s piece this week “Worry, Stress, Time, Love” brought tears to both K and E’s eyes and K struggled with the rollercoaster of emotions she’s been on being 400miles away and not able to help E & J as well as having to face the reality of the decisions she made over Christmas.

K managed to squeeze in another trip to Scotland for J’s birthday, but current commitments remain and she needed to return home back down South. The 4hour train journey should provide K with ample opportunity to complete the pile of uni essays due in but some intense soul searching seemed the easier option: Similarities & differences

Before K left we all visited the private school we hope L will go to next year, J talks about his education into the Scottish school system as well as some other areas while K wrote about her   struggles with getting her head around poly and the priorities within our relationship(s).

Things started to turn this week.  J see’s a chink of light and K carries on learning but with happier outcomes.  Plus its not long until K and L are back in Scotland and E’s health seems to be more manageable, though we are still awaiting her test results.

E blogged about waiting for her results, J’s didnt have an easy week, so looked back at his relationship with M, his first poly and her wedding to P, and K feels like she is failing, and naively you might say, wants a magic wand to make everything better.


February 2011

Our Wordle for January is up. I find it fascinating the different words that spring out each time I look at it (K).

K talks about maturity, turning 30 and how everything changes.

J is trying to look at things with a positive outlook – Glass half full.


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