I (K) thought it would be useful for us, and interesting for you, to see how we are achieving what we are achieving in what sort of timescales.

This will also serve to freak J out as he realises how close the deadline for finishing the house is, though to be fair I think we’ve all realised we’ll be renting for the summer and early autumn and hopefully into the house by Christmas. [Update: J, K & L are going to try living in the caravan until the house is finished. We have J’s parents house just up the road if we need a babysitter (aka peace and quiet to make our own noise), plus the flat in the City where E will reside for most of the week and she’ll come back at weekends. 25 Jan 2011 ]

The move date is looking to be 10 April (Easter holidays).

Countdown: 10 weeks

To do list:

  • School visits in January while K is on holiday from uni
  • Select school for L
  • Tell E’s parents [This is unlikely to happen, at least in the short term]
  • K & L to continue to build relationship with J’s parents.
  • Beco & concrete 2nd floor walls
  • Beco and concrete gables
  • Roof on
  • Windows in/holes boarded up :D


Achieved in January 2011

  • Find a uni to take responsibility for K – Fan-bloody-tastic (plus it means the move date can be confirmed for April 10th!
  • Pacify K’s parents – K & L not going home for Christmas screwed this one royally for a while :/ but they seem to have accepted the move if not K’s sexuality and  polyamory.
  • Tell K’s grandparents “something” (K&L live with one and the other helps with L’s childcare) – I told the one that helps with childcare but the way things are looking the one K & L lives with will have passed away by the move date so we’ve decided to not tell her (yet if at all)
  • E no longer works Saturdays at all = more family time either out and about or just relaxing at home.


Achieved in December 2010

  • #TheGrandPlan is created
  • J told A
  • E told W
  • E told J’s parents
  • K told her sister, L’s dad, her uni, her mum (who told her dad), L’s school (basically anyone that would listen).
  • K told her university who are going to allow K to complete her final management placement over the summer here. But K has to locate another university who will take responsibility for her whilst she is on that placement .
  • E told employer and asked for flexibility in hours when K & L visit to give us more family time.

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